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Frank Clegg

Nope, don’t have anything like that.

You know those really credible men of a certain age? The ones who seem to be serious men? You’d have especially noticed them when you were a child – they wore carefully chosen clothes, they were often established professionals, they seemed to know exactly who they were and what they were doing. Maybe they were the family doctor or an uncle who taught at a university. Good men. Well those men often carried substantial, well-worn leather bags, satchels or cases with which they held their serious papers and personal items. Frank Clegg is a unique carry maker of those types of bags for those types of men.

These are the bags and cases that follow you through all those doorways, on all those flights, to all those offices and through all those streets, and witness the passage of your professional life over the decades, fortunes up and down.

The best known of Frank Clegg’s leathers is their harness (“bridle”) leather. This is a thick, full-grain leather with a glossy, natural finish that gains character over time. Extra fat liqueurs are added in the conditioning process, which creates a hide that softens wonderfully over the years. Designed and made in-house by a small team of artisans, Frank Clegg represents an unrivalled balance of luxury and value in travel and carry goods.