Cashmere Lined Hairsheep Leather Glove Black

Cashmere Lined Hairsheep Leather Glove Black

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Monk Facts

There are few materials that combine luxury, tactility and warmth quite like cashmere. These soft, hairsheep leather gloves have been hand sewn and lined with an inner glove of cashmere. The lining is soft and warm, but not too thick, so the glove retains an element of refinement. This glove is best suited to temperatures between -10 and 10 degrees Celsius. Dents are, and have always been, the quintessential English glove maker. John Dent founded his small glove making company in Worcester in 1777, which grew precipitously over the following century. Since then Dents’ gloves have graced many a royal hand and have remained the preeminent producer of English gloves.


- 100% hairsheep leather
- 100% cashmere lining
- Hand cut
- Hand sewn