Port Briefcase Chestnut Harness Belting Leather Port Briefcase Chestnut Harness Belting Leather Port Briefcase Chestnut Harness Belting Leather
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Port Briefcase Chestnut Harness Belting Leather

Frank Clegg


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Every man needs a briefcase. A good briefcase is like a portable office, it can contain all of the essentials: keys, wallet, phone, glasses (or sunnies), pens, papers and computer. The Port Brief is for the man who can travel light: a slim, light, stripped-down lock briefcase. This is perfect for the guy who just has a laptop, wallet and a few papers, although it still has an internal organiser with space for pens, phone business cards etc. Chic and contemporary. 

Leather goods should be tough but elegant. A man’s briefcase should last the duration of his career and its patina should be a record of his decades of meetings, late nights and countless commutes. It should be built to stand up to years of use and all kinds of weather, but still look good enough to impress a colleague. Frank Clegg knew all this when he started out in the mid 1970s and he has spent the intervening decades refining his craft and sourcing the best materials to transform this ideal of what leathergoods should be into concrete form. Clegg specialise in the use of harness leather, a full-thickness cowhide that has been treated extensively with hot grease and waxes to give it flexibility, smoothness and depth of colour. Only thick, perfect hides can be used and it is an expensive process, but the leather produced is the only material that can be used for the rigid, durable pieces for which Clegg is renowned.

- Made from Frank Clegg’s harness belting leather
- Solid brass hardware
- Folded dimensions in cm: 41 x 28 x 5
- Made in USA