Russian Reindeer Wash Bag Russian Reindeer Wash Bag
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Russian Reindeer Wash Bag

G.J. Cleverley


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Crafted using Russian reindeer leather with permission from HRH the Prince of Wales, this washbag represents only the finest in materials and workmanship. Its generous size and interior pockets make it both practical and stylish; truly the ultimate washroom accessory. 

On 10th December 1786, the Metta Catharina sank off the coast of Plymouth, England. For over 200 years its cargo of Russian reindeer leather was encased in the black mud of Plymouth Sound until it was discovered and retrieved by a group of amateur divers. Renowned during the 18th Century as the world’s finest leather, it was tanned in the traditional Russian fashion: soaked in pits of willow bark, then curried with birch oil. Each hide is embossed by hand and is a unique material of the highest quality.

- Russian reindeer leather
- Hand sewn
- 100% made in England