Silk Pocket Square Arcimboldo Red
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Silk Pocket Square Arcimboldo Red



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Perhaps the most famous product made by Rubinacci (apart from their beautiful suits) is the stunning silk pocket square. Inspired by their stunning silk scarves, Rubinacci created a handkerchief-sized version, while retaining the beautiful and often-intricate designs that made the scarves such prized pieces. Featuring designs based on Italian painters, naval battles and Japanese samurai, each pocket square is so detailed and saturated with vivid colour, that it can seem like three or four pocket squares in one. Silk is the fabric that produces the most intense colours when dyed and even the most drab of jackets can be brought to life with one of these stunning pocket squares. 

The story of Rubinacci Napoli dates back to the early 19th Century, when Mariano Rubinacci began trading silk with the far east. In the 1930s Gennaro Rubinacci, a renowned ‘arbiter elegantarum’ of Neapolitan style, opened The London House. Establishing Rubinacci as a luxury tailor to the rich and famous. These days, under the guidance of Mariano Sr’s great-grandson Mariano and his son Luca, Rubinacci remains the pinnacle of Neapolitan elegance and style.

- Hand-rolled edges
- Hand-printed design
- 100% silk
- Dimensions: 43x43cm
- Made in Napoli, Italy