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Tip End Shoe Horn 8" Boxed



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A tapered, medium sized shoehorn that is unobtrusive, but large enough to put on any boot or shoe. This shoehorn tapers slowly from its wide end down to the pointed tip. The slender shape of the shoehorn mimics the form of a long cow horn; a beautiful accessory. You must always use a shoehorn to put on a good pair of leather shoes, no exceptions. 

Abbeyhorn was established in 1749 in Bewdley, Worcestershire by the Humpherson family. In 1912 the horn works moved south to Gloucester, then, 20 years later, to its present site in Kendal, near England’s Lake District. Abbeyhorn have, over their 265-year history, developed a reputation for making the world’s finest natural horn products. Made with immense skill and using the finest materials, an Abbeyhorn product exudes refinement and luxury as well as being a beautiful and practical item. The company sources its cow horn from the Ankole cattle of West Africa, which are one of the few sub-species of cow that still grows long horns. Abbeyhorn also uses natural Scottish stag antler, cow bone and buffalo horn in many of its products. All Abbeyhorn’s materials (apart from the stag antlers, which fall off naturally) are sourced as ethically as possible as by-products of the meat industry.

- Made from the finest natural horn
- As this is a natural product, colour and pattern may vary
- Made in Cumbria, England
- Presented in Abbeyhorn box