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Recent studies have shown that less than 80% of men over 4 years of age wear sock garters. This means that a very considerable handful of men these days may not always be happy with socks that fall down. Many socks don’t always stay up and if you’re spotted crossing the oval in November with your socks down, you’ll wind up with a Friday det.

In light of this we’ve secured supply of some exceptionally fine calf and knee-length socks from Bresciani. For a long time Bresciani have been producing gorgeous socks in Mantova, ltaly. Hand finished at the factory to this day, Bresciani socks are made using only top quality yarns, strictly “doubled” and “worsted”: extra fine merino wool, pure Egyptian cotton, linen, cashmere and 100% silk.

There are few old matriculators left who would still be spotted on a tram wearing knee-length socks with shorts. It seems most of them died with Zone 3. Nonetheless, you never know when you might have to chuck that Slurpee and pull your socks up – at least these ones will stay up.