Made to Order


At Double Monk we offer the finest Made to Order (MTO) shoes in the world. A unique service, MTO allows the creation of an individual pair of shoes made to the customer’s own specifications no matter how simple or extravagant. A personalised shoe can be commissioned.

Each pair is individually crafted by Edward Green or John Lobb to the customer’s choice of style, size, width, upper material and sole. Often the most beautiful (or monstrous) shoes you’ll see about the place are MTO. Lead time for MTO is approximately 2-4 months.

To order MTO or for any MTO enquires, please email us at


The Process

1. Style

After choosing your preferred maker, you can then select your preferred style from Edward Green or John Lobb extensive catalogue of ready to wear shoes (past and present).

2. Last

Many styles are available on more than one last, allowing for a wider range of shapes and fits.

3. Size & Width

Do you have a particularly wide or narrow foot? Choose your desired width (D, E or F) for a perfect fit.

4. Leather

There are many, many leathers to choose from. All our shoemakers source their leathers from the finest tanneries in the world - calf from Italy and France, alligator and cordovan from the USA and crocodile from Australia

5. Colour

Having selected your desired leather, you can then choose from an exhaustive range of colours.

6. Sole

Select the sole that suits your lifestyle and voting preference. Leather, HAF, double leather, Dainite or commando.