About Us


Double Monk is a purveyor of top-tier men’s shoes and appurtenances based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. At Double Monk we stock things that will last for decades, not years. The aesthetic values informing the things we sell, whether innovative or traditional in style, acknowledge and serve the principles of place, time and purpose.

We do not deal in fickle wares. Fashion is contrary and slave to irony, and it chases tomorrow at the expense of today. Unfortunately, many things you can buy these days are conceived and designed merely to negotiate an antagonistic, tired and crowded market. We instead present our customers with items in which the qualities are plainly intrinsic to the product as it is defined.

We share a passion for heritage, not only in design, but also in usage and craft. We endeavour to find, understand and deliver products that advantage committed craftspeople and all people who may use their products. The ideas and origins behind these products, their place in both history and in the present, are of utmost importance to us.

As a company, we still think and act as customers. We identify with the thrill, fascination and desire for great and useful things. We have been passionate and devoted users and wearers of all the brands and makes we represent and we consider it an honour to represent them.