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Fox Umbrellas

English umbrellas of the old school, founded in 1868, Fox offers various umbrellas for various folk. There are the tautly constructed tube umbrellas one would have found over many a dry chap on Piccadilly in the last hundred English winters (and summers). Then there are of course the stick umbrellas made of two pieces of wood: one for the handle, the other the shaft. And finally there are the solid umbrellas, each a single piece of wood ending with a unique handle, which may serve as a walking stick as well. This last category represents the sort of item your progeny might handle with awe as both a family and cultural artefact.

When a Fox umbrella is popped open in the rain, one can hear the drops trampolining off its top. The feeling is stupendous, but the question is less why Fox umbrellas make the sound than why other umbrellas don't. Available in many colours and patterns. Made in Shirley, England.