Basic Shoe Care

Basic Shoe Care

Taking care of your shoes is important, but it needn't be difficult. The following five easy tips are essential to maintaining the condition of your shoes.

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5 Simple Tips

1Don’t wear them every day

Your shoes are made of leather, which absorbs moisture from your feet in the course of a day. It is important that this moisture is allowed to evaporate slowly and naturally before the shoes are worn again. Wearing your shoes for days on end will lead to excessive wrinkling and cracking in the leather uppers, which is both unsightly and irreversible.

2Use shoe trees

If you have shoe trees, then for God’s sake use them; if you don’t, then buy some and use them. Shoe trees are the most important product for maintaining the shape and comfort of your shoes. They serve two main functions: Firstly, they reform the upper back into its original shape and remove wrinkles that may have formed on the vamp (top section of the upper). Secondly, they draw moisture back out of the leather, allowing it to dry properly.

3Use a shoe horn

Apart from making it much easier to put your shoes on, a shoe horn prevents you from crushing the stiff heel section of the upper (known as the ‘quarter’). Almost all shoes have a seam at the heel where the quarters are sewn together (known as the ‘counter’). Not using a shoe horn puts repeated strain on this seam, which will inevitably fray and is expensive to repair. You can never have too many shoe horns.

4Brush your shoes

Brushing your shoes down with a stiff-bristled brush at the end of each day will remove any impurities as well as the inevitable minor scuffs. Spending a minute or two doing this every day means your shoes will look better for longer and require polishing less often.

5Moisturise and polish

Conditioning your shoes with a product such as the Saphir Renovateur ensures that the leather remains soft and supple, which prevents cracking and helps the shoes mould to your foot. Polishing, apart from its obvious aesthetic benefits, helps to seal in the essential oils as well as protecting the leather from dirt, water and other impurities.