Brown Diams Pocket Square Brown Diams Pocket Square
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Brown Diams Pocket Square

Simonnot Godard


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This pocket square is unique in the Simonnot Godard collection. Made from a blend of silk and cashmere, it is both soft and lustrous, and its intricate diamond pattern is a joy to behold. The combination of pattern and material make the pocket square seem to shimmer whenever light hits it. 

Simonnot Godard have been making pocket squares and handkerchiefs since 1787, so it is no wonder that they do it better than anyone else. The company is uncompromising in its commitment to materials and process: only the finest cotton and linen is used, designs are chosen from over 200 years of archived patterns and then woven using traditional weaving machines. Each pattern in Simonnot Godard’s cloths is intricately woven into the design, rather than being printed onto the fabric. When the cloth has been woven it is sent to the Voges region, where it is washed and finished in the famously pure mountain water. The final stage involves hand rolling and stitching the fine edges of each piece, a fantastically difficult task that Simonnot Godard do more skilfully than anyone. They are truly the finest cotton and linen pocket squares that money can buy.

- Made from silk and cashmere
- Hand-rolled edges
- Made in France