Cap d'Antibes Eau de Toilette Cap d'Antibes Eau de Toilette Cap d'Antibes Eau de Toilette
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Cap d'Antibes Eau de Toilette

Eight & Bob


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Much like the original Eight & Bob fragrance, Cap d’Antibes is a scent that aims to capture the sun, sea and luxury of the French Riviera. Fouquet as a privileged member of the French upper classes, would spend every summer in the small village of Antibes. Upon returning to Paris his mind would reel with memories of southern fields filled with flowers and herbs, tall trees lining sheer cliffs above the pounding surf. This is his passionate tribute to those many misspent summers in the lap of luxury. 

Albert Fouquet was the son of a Parisian aristocrat who concocted his own perfumes in an upper room of the family chateau. At social events he would astonish guests with samples of his exquisite perfumes. At one such party, in 1937 on the Côte d’Azur, he met a young John F. Kennedy and introduced him to his newest sample. JFK was captivated by the scent and upon returning home he requested eight more samples “and if your production allows, another one for Bob.” While Albert didn’t fully understand the request, he was determined to fill the order in an elegant style befitting the scent he had created. He ordered his butler to source the finest glass perfume bottles in Paris and decorated each box with the pattern from JFK’s shirt on the night they met. Finally, for his own amusement, he labelled each bottle in reference to the American’s peculiar request: ‘Eight & Bob’. In the ensuing years ‘Eight & Bob’ became the preferred fragrance of style icons such as Cary Grant and James Stewart, introduced to the fragrance at decadent Hollywood soirees.

TOP NOTES   Birch – Mint – Violet Leaves
HEART NOTES   Aromatic Notes – Cinnamon – Moss
BASE NOTES   Cedar – Incense – Vanilla

- 100mL