Issue 18 Giorgio Armani
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Issue 18 Giorgio Armani

The Rake


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This issue: Focussing on one of the most iconic Italian designers to date, Giorgio Armani, and looking at how the brand has influenced Italian style. As well as looking at some of the best dressed modern men, including ‘Mr Classic’ Jeremy Hackett and our very own national treasure, Shane Warne. 

Fashion magazines are a dime a dozen, full of ads, overpriced clothing and glib tips on 'what's hot right now.' The Rake, on the other hand, stands alone as the only publication dedicated to the art of classic style. Named for Fiat and Ferrari kingpin Gianni Agnelli (aka 'The Rake of the Riviera'), the magazine focuses strictly on the finer things: bespoke tailoring, fine shoes, watches and accessories. But The Rake is more than a repository of expensive things, its pages bulge with feature articles on the men and women, past and present, who have shaped the history of style and 'the good life'.

- Fine embossed and silver foiled soft cover
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