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Master Shoemakers

Gary Tok


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Most people like the idea of hand made shoes, and there is an undeniable romance to the craft of shoemaking. Gary Tok’s great achievement, in this wonderful new book, is to reveal an art that surpasses even such romantic expectations. Tok has gained his expertise first hand, putting his best foot forward in trialling a collection of the finest bespoke shoemakers from all over the world. His focus oscillates between the shoes as aesthetic objects and on the other hand as wearable accessories, all the while telling a story that undergirds his fine technical commentary. The book is full of wonderful photos taken by Tok himself and arranged by collaborator and fellow shoe lover, Frank Franzese. With its fascinating stories and magnificent description of the shoemaking craft, this volume is essential for any shoe lover.
- Words and photos by Gary Tok
- Design by Frank Franzese