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Nature Pocket Knife Curly Birch

Fontenille Pataud


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This is a slim, elegant pocket knife. It is made from just three pieces of metal: the razor-sharp blade, the spine of the handle and the carved middle section of the spine, which is pressed in to unlock the knife. All of the metal is forged, ground and filed entirely by hand for a product that is both incredibly durable and beautiful. 

Fontenille-Pataud was founded in 1924 in Thiers, France and quickly established a reputation for fine table knives. Apart from their fame for high quality blades, the artisans of Fontenille-Pataud are also famous for their use of noble handle materials such as luxurious timbers, animal horn and bone. There is little doubt that they make the finest traditional French pocket knives in the world.

- Blade 100% C27 stainless steel
- Made in France