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How classic are the Americans; as soon as they realise that they’re on the verge of landing on the moon they say to themselves: “Holy Moses, we can’t go up there without a really cool pen to write stuff down with!” Thus, the Fisher AG7 Space Pen was born. Featuring a solid brass, chrome plated case and a classic Mid-century design, the pen has a pressurised cartridge and high tech ink, so it will write upside down, under water, on glass or greasy surfaces, basically anything! Most importantly though, this is the exact pen that featured on Seinfeld, in the episode where Jerry goes to stay with his parents in Del Boca Vista and admires Jack Klompus’s Space Pen, whereupon Jack insists that Jerry “take the pen.” Classic stuff.
- Length: 5.0" or 12.7 cm
- Diameter: 0.375" or 0.95 cm
- Composition: All metal
- Cartridge: Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point
- Other cartridges available
- Gift Box with Astronaut Sleeve
- Made in the USA