Silk Bracelet with Lucky Chilli Pink Silk Bracelet with Lucky Chilli Pink Silk Bracelet with Lucky Chilli Pink
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Silk Bracelet with Lucky Chilli Pink



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In making this lovely little bracelet, Rubinacci have fused two great Neapolitan themes: silk and superstition. Naples was one of the great maritime silk traders and Rubinacci still have access to the finest oriental silk, which is evident in the quality of the bracelet. Then there is the ‘corno’, the lucky horn or chilli – depending on who’s telling the story – that many Neapolitans still keep with them at all times. In any case this bracelet makes a subtle and stylish accessory whether you are wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt or with a suit and tie. Bellissimo! 

The story of Rubinacci Napoli dates back to the early 19th Century, when Mariano Rubinacci began trading silk with the far east. In the 1930s Gennaro Rubinacci, a renowned ‘arbiter elegantarum’ of Neapolitan style, opened The London House. Establishing Rubinacci as a luxury tailor to the rich and famous. These days, under the guidance of Mariano Sr’s great-grandson Mariano and his son Luca, Rubinacci remains the pinnacle of Neapolitan elegance and style.

- Hand-dyed silk
- Brass hardware
- Made in Napoli, Italy