Stag Head Socks

Stag Head Socks

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Monk Facts

Tally ho! This handsome pair of socks is perfect for the country squire either on the hunt or relaxing afterwards. Alternatively, if you just want to dress a little bit like the country squire, then put these on and admire the finely woven stag motif; you can basically smell the mix of fresh country air and burnt gunpowder. Surely you would want the same sock maker as HRH and style icon Prince Charles. Corgi, established in 1892, are proud Royal Warrant holders from HRH the Prince of Wales; it is fitting recognition for over a century of impeccable craftsmanship. Proudly made in Wales, Corgi are a fifth-generation family owned company that still adhere to the stringent manufacturing guidelines that first made them great. In addition to their beautiful dress socks, Corgi are famous for their regimental socks, proudly worn by many of Britain’s armed forces.


- Hand-linked toes
- Calf length
- Cotton blend
- Made in Wales
- Care instructions: refer to Accessories Care