Super Invulner
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Super Invulner



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If you have suede or nubuck shoes, then you must have this spray. Forget about Scotchguard, this spray avoids the harmful artificial chemicals that make other sprays harmful to your precious suede or nubuck products. Use liberally on a rainy day and watch the moisture bead off like water off a certain bird’s back. Saphir Médaille d’Or is the finest range of leather care products in the world. The company dates back to the early 20th Century and all current recipes are based on the original formulation that won the Paris Médaille d’Or 1925. Saphir have stubbornly resisted the lure of modern leather care technology such as the introduction of resins and silicones that are detrimental to luxury full-grain leather. They are the product of choice for luxury brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and John Lobb; all companies that demand the best. A beautiful pair of shoes deserves the finest treatment and Saphir is simply the best and only option.

- Made with the finest natural ingredients
- Part of the Medaille d’Or range of products
- For use on suede and nubuck
- Made in France