Full length view of light grain wood handle tube Fox Umbrella with navy canopy Light grain wood handle of tube Fox Umbrella with navy canopy Tip end of light grain wood handle tube Fox Umbrella with navy canopy
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Who to trust but the English when it comes to keeping dry. This handsome, slim umbrella features a strong, lightweight metal shaft connected to a sturdy 8-rib frame. As with all Fox umbrellas, this durable frame creates a drum-tight canopy. Complementing its practical design is a skilfully finished handle made from refined light-grained timber. 

Fox Umbrellas was founded in 1868, when Mr Thomas Fox began selling umbrellas out of a small shop front in central London. While Fox disappeared completely in 1880, his namesake, Samuel Fox (no relation) was the first to develop a satisfactory steel rib structure for umbrellas. Samuel Fox worked closely with the new owners of Fox Umbrellas, the Dixon family, to create a standardised, reliable umbrella. Having manufactured parachutes for the British Army during World War II, Fox Umbrellas incorporated nylon technology into umbrella making, replacing the more expensive and fragile silk canopies. Having revolutionised umbrella making, Fox Umbrellas are now famous for their frames and canopies that are so tight that they rumble like drums when it rains.

- Steel tube and frame
- 25” 8 rib frame
- 36” length
- High-grade polyester canopy
- Light-grained handle
- Made in the Surrey, England
- Available in other colours