Saratoga Yellow Crystal Frame Only Saratoga Yellow Crystal Frame Only Saratoga Yellow Crystal Frame Only
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Saratoga Yellow Crystal Frame Only

American Optical


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Few, if any, pieces of eyewear conjure up the same nostalgia as American Optical Saratogas. Made legendary by John F Kennedy, who would wear them while relaxing on his yacht, playing golf or conducting high-level affairs of state, the Saratoga epitomises the effortlessly stylish, relaxed-yet-refined Americana cool of the Camelot era. The clear crystal frames give the Saratoga an undeniable edge, which is tempered just enough by the sharp metal accents near the hinges. American Optical stopped producing the Saratoga for decades, with the result that an old pair in good condition could fetch thousands of dollars. But this utterly iconic pair is now back on the market (though still very hard to come by). Made in the USA and exclusive to Double Monk, the Saratoga is the ideal pair of sunglasses for the gentleman who wants to recapture the understated playboy charm of a fabled period of American history.

Before Ray-Ban and before Persol, there was American Optical. Since 1833, American Optical has designed and produced iconic eyewear worn by the elites and the everyman alike, from US presidents and NASA space crews to blue-collar workers and farmers. American Optical can credibly claim to be the ‘oldest and greatest optical company in American history.’

- Acetate frame only
- Made in the USA