Deerskin Driving Glove Red
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Deerskin Driving Glove Red



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Why, you may ask, are driving gloves so great? Easy: they look cool, but they’re also practical. We won’t bother explaining their coolness because it’s self-evident, but their usefulness is worth elaborating on. Driving gloves have holes at the knuckles, which allows more hand flexibility than a standard glove. The rest of the hand is kept warm and you can get on with your day, whether or not that involves driving in an open-topped automobile. This pair has been made from luxurious deerskin, which adds toughness and flexibility to the design. 

Dents are, and have always been, the quintessential English glove maker. John Dent founded his small glove making company in Worcester in 1777, which grew precipitously over the following century. Since then Dents’ gloves have graced many a royal hand and have remained the preeminent producer of English gloves.

- 100% deerskin
- Hand cut
- Hand sewn