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Lapel Button Amber



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Inspired by the rosaries that no self-respecting Roman catholic could do without, this hand-carved agate lapel button is a perfect example of the adage “It’s all in the details”. The chain of agate beads features a button at one end and two lucky Neapolitan charms at the other. Yet, while the small button fits through your lapel hole, the chain of beads leads down into the breast pocket, where the lucky ‘corno’ is kept safe. Only those in the know, or those observant enough to recognize the beauty and refinement of the button and beads, will notice the delightful accessory adorning the jacket; it is ‘stealth-style’ par excellence. 

The story of Rubinacci Napoli dates back to the early 19th Century, when Mariano Rubinacci began trading silk with the far east. In the 1930s Gennaro Rubinacci, a renowned ‘arbiter elegantarum’ of Neapolitan style, opened The London House. Establishing Rubinacci as a luxury tailor to the rich and famous. These days, under the guidance of Mariano Sr’s great-grandson Mariano and his son Luca, Rubinacci remains the pinnacle of Neapolitan elegance and style.

- Hand-carved agate beads
- Gold hardware
- Natural coral
- Made in Napoli, Italy