Shoe Trees 82-202 Shoe Trees 82-202 Shoe Trees 82-202 Shoe Trees 82-202 Shoe Trees 82-202 Shoe Trees 82-202
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Shoe Trees 82-202

Edward Green


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Shoe trees may seem like an annoying expense when you have just forked out a chunk of cash for some shoes – it is annoying – but if you don’t have a good pair of trees you may as well not have spent so much on your shoes, because they’ll look like crap soon enough! Shoe trees are the most important aspect of shoe care. They should be in your shoes whenever your feet are not. The better they fit, the better they will work: stretching out the creases, pushing the toe back down, and restoring the general shape of the shoe. Edward Green’s shoe trees are carved from lime wood and fitted to the half size, the ideal shoe tree. Established in a small Northampton factory in 1890, Edward Green has gained a deserved reputation for ‘making the finest shoes in England for the discerning few’. Edward Green’s shoes are made with the finest calfskin to the highest standards of workmanship. Each pair takes several weeks to create and many master craftsmen are involved.
- Made from 100% beech wood
- Brass knob
- Available in half sizes
- 100% made in Northampton, England
- Care instructions: refer to Shoecare Guide